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This deck combines tow of the strongest and OP cards in the current meta, the valkyrie and the royal hogs. Add in the amazing magic archer, zappies and the mega minion and you are able to defend with [...]


This deck has become incredibly strong in this meta, it’s works well on defence against most archetypes and then you have the royal hogs as your win condition to get tower damage. The hogs, magic arch [...]


This deck has been dominating the top of ladder under the use of Dark Prince. He has even beaten Pompeo using this deck! Dark Prince plays this deck fairly aggressively which is unusual for a normal g [...]


This deck was used in some of the latest CRL matches to take out and entire team undefeated! It is a fairly heavy deck so you need to make sure you maintain an elixir lead before committing to an aggr [...]


In this deck we paired up ,many cheap and effective cards that can counter against both air decks like lava loon and golem decks. The average elixir cost of this deck is 3.1 and it cycles even better [...]


Brandank has had huge success using this deck in grand challenges. In my video we discuss how to handle different matchups and how to effectively use the main cards in this deck to get to maximum valu [...]


With all golem decks you need to be good at protecting your elixir pump and you should also be comfortable with taking tower damage or even losing a tower if it means you can gain a large elixir lead. [...]


Mortar decks can be a pain to go against and in my opinion the best way to learn to counter a deck you struggle aid to play it and see how your opponents counter you. However if you love mortar or you [...]


This extremely free to play friendly deck is so strong in this current meta because of the bomb tower. The bomb tower has recently had a small buff in the last balance changes which makes it more viab [...]


This is a pekka control deck with a miner poison element too! As you can see in my video the pro uses the royal ghost and bandit fairly aggressively at the right opportunities to pressure the opponent [...]


According to Bag who is a pro player in the community says this is the fasted viable giant deck in the meta and it only has one legendary which makes it more free to play friendly. This particular gia [...]


In this video Flobby returns to help guide us through a couple of different golem decks. The deck I’m showing you on here doesn’t have an elixir pump so you need to play a lot more defensively and bui [...]