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This deck has a bridge spam element to it. The battle ram and Royal Ghost can both be used at the bridge in order to apply pressure and force a response from your opponents. The skeletons can be a gre [...]


This deck is absolutely dominating the new meta, the guards work great at countering the recently buffed prince which is currently everywhere. The prince is also a great card at taking down the oppone [...]


Hey Folks ! With the release of a new clash royale card, it's always important to figure out what deck archetypes these cards would fit into or resemble. After experimenting with different Goblin Gian [...]


This 3.1 hog deck was used in CRL by SK Matt_01 to take down some of the best players in the game. This is a deck which has strong defensive capabilities. As with all hog cycle decks you need to gain [...]


Hey Folks ! We are back with a new guide for a "freeze yard" or "ice yard" deck ! Regardless of what the name is, this deck is incredibly fun to use. However, it's very important to mage your elixir c [...]


Bait decks are fairly straight forward to play but playing them like a pro takes practise and learning all the micro and macro card interactions. The basics of this deck is cycling the prince in the b [...]


In today’s video myself and Tobi SpiritHawk discuss this new Golem Deck which has recently had a buff in the latest balance changes. Because this deck doesn’t have an elixir collector you should play [...]


This is a Golem Beatdown deck which includes 3 spells and the recently buffed Prince. This is also a no pump Golem deck which is played agressively. This basically means you will be playing the Golem [...]


This giant deck is fairly straight forward to use once you understand the basics of this deck. The giant should almost always be played last when your starting to build a push against your opponent un [...]


This deck will remain pretty strong even after the balance changes that will be coming into effect. If the opponent has an elixir collector then you have a few options on how to counter it, the best w [...]


Royal has been dominating top level ladder with this extremely strong golem deck! As you can see there is no elixir collector in this deck. So instead of pumping up and protecting it to gain an elixir [...]


This deck is great fun to play and is also incredibly strong and can defend against pretty much any archetype. In this deck you have lots of different cards to use to get tower damage throughout the m [...]