Best Pekka Deck Right Now!

This deck has a bridge spam element to it. The battle ram and Royal Ghost can both be used at the bridge in order to apply pressure and force a response from your opponents. The skeletons can be a great distraction for some of the stronger cards in this meta like a prince or an inferno dragon. They can buy you enough time to take down an enemy troop and you shouldn’t just see them as a cycle card. The mega minion is one of two air targeting units in this deck so if you’re against an air deck then you shouldn’t be cycling this units unnecessarily. Against beat down style decks then you should play the pekka in the back, in the same lane, when they place their tank.

Card Guides

Magic Archer

This guy has a low use rate yet a high win rate! This means that he is a fairly high skill cap card and that he can take some practise in order to get the best placements. You should try to use his long range to your advantage and get tower chip damage while he’s also targeting enemy troops. He is a good counter to swarm units like minions and goblins too.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is a great card to use to pressure your opponents at the right times throughout the match. However it can also be used to kite units away from your towers or even into the opposite lane if you play this card centrally as their units cross the bridge.


Lightening has had a couple of buffs in recent months which means it is now viable to use on ladder or in challenges. It can take down full health elixir collectors while also getting tower damage! You should always make sure that your taking out 6 or more elixir from your opponent when you play this card. It can also be used to reset units such as inferno dragon or tower because of its stun capability.

Early Stage Gameplan x1

Early game you should play fairly passively unit you know what your opponent is playing. If they start out the game with an elixir collector then you can use the lightening to take it out or if it isn’t in cycle you should apply pressure with the battle ram at the bridge. If they go aggressive and play a tank early then place your pekka behind your king tower, make sure that their troops cross the river before yours do so that your princess towers help out on defence. You can also apply pressure in the opposite lane with your battle ram or royal ghost to stop them spending all their elixir on offence.

Late Stage Gameplan x2

Later game after a successful defence you can start to support the surviving units more to apply pressure. You will also find it fairly easily to split lane push with this deck. You can start to use prediction logs to support your pushes if you know your opponent has swarm based ground units like goblin gang or skeleton army. If you know your opponent is low on elixir keep apply pressure at the bridge to try and over whelm your opponent and take their tower. Goodluck running this deck everyone don’t forget to check out my video where myself and Surgical goblin talk about this deck.