Golem Prince Lightning Baby Dragon Deck | Clash Royale Decks After Balance Changes

This is a Golem Beatdown deck which includes 3 spells and the recently buffed Prince. This is also a no pump Golem deck which is played agressively. This basically means you will be playing the Golem before double elixir time and will force the opponent to defend against the solo lane Golem or create an offensive push. The key to this deck is to defend and not overextend.

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The most fearsome tank in Clash Royale returns back with a familiar counterpart. The prince and baby dragon pairing allows the Golem to have support both on the air and ground.


The prince has a buff on his HP and will serve as a protector for the golem and a great counter against ground units.


The lightning returns as a credible spell card with its recent buff on damage. Use the lightning to clear the path for the golem against buildings and tough troops

Early Stage Gameplan x1

You will use the Golem to create a solo lane push. If your opponent defends against the golem, then you will support the golem, if the opponent decides to create an offensive push on the opposite lane then you defend. This deck has no pump so the key is to defend and not overextend

Late Stage Gameplan x2

In 2x time, the focus now is to overwhelm and you will support your Golem. Defend when you have at least one air support card helping the golem.