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Maybe one day the goblin giant will get the buff he deserves so until then why not get aquatinted with this green giant! This deck is kinda similar to the old school giant three spell deck, however it [...]


Hey folks ! We're here today with a guide for a anti hog and in some cases anti meta deck. This is a cycle deck that has three solid tanks and are combined with excellent support cards like mega minio [...]


This variation of a graveyard deck is very defensive. You have the Tornado to active your king tower early game if you get the opportunity and you also have the tombstone to kite units like, golem, gi [...]


This deck has been used over in CRL and it was successfully used to take out Surgical Goblin. I would say this is a very defensive deck especially with the Royal Ghost, magic archer and your spells. T [...]


This is probably the fasted viable bait deck currently in the game! Just because this is a 2.1 elixir deck you shouldn’t just randomly spam troops at the bridge. You need to be more tactful on how and [...]


This a highly unusual deck to see anywhere in the meta especially at number one in the world at the time I recorded my video. The balloon is your win condition and you should use it to apply pressure [...]


This by no means is an easy deck to play however practising with this deck will certainly improve you understanding of card interactions on a micro level and overall improve your whole gameplay! So th [...]


Hey Folks ! In this guide we discuss a pekka lightning control deck that works well in the current meta especially in Ladder matches. This deck combines includes the recently buffed lightning spell an [...]


This deck has the wizard which is becoming increasingly popular on ladder. I used this deck on ladder and climbed around 300 trophies in around an hour. The basics of this deck are fairly straight for [...]


B-rad is back on my channel today showing us this incredibly strong new miner control deck. This is almost like a spell bait deck because of the rascals, tombstone and goblin gang. The inferno dragon [...]


This Deck was used by VULKan in CRL NA to take down another pro player. The time frame for this battle starts 0:50 in my video. VULKan uses the sparky primarily as a defensive unit especially against [...]


Rainbow has been holding down the number one position for a couple of days using this deck! So the first thing to mention is that there are two win conditions in this deck, hog rider and the lumberjac [...]